How to Turn Your Closet Into a Design Moment

How to Turn Your Closet Into a Design Moment
By Kelsey Mulvey

When you picture your dream house, chances are it features a big, beautiful closet. You know, kind of like Mariah Carey’s wardrobe in her iconic episode of MTV’s “Cribs.” Or maybe like Cher Horowitz’s, complete with a computer that puts together great outfits for you. Or maybe it has a rotating shoe cupboard like Goldie Hawn’s closet did in “Overboard.” You get the picture, right?

In reality, however, your wardrobe is a far cry from what you see on television. Not only is it considerably smaller, it’s probably decked out in unsightly hooks, rods, and fluorescent lights. Um, no thank you.

The good news is you don’t need a massive space—or budget—to turn your closet into a design moment. To kick-start your inspiration, here are seven closets that make a statement:


October 4, 2018 at 11:15PM
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